The Kraken Rum Review, featuring The Scurvy Dog

June 30, 2010 (Day 151) — The Kraken Rum Review, featuring the Scurvy Dog Booze is a great birthday present. Especially when it’s booze you can’t get your hands on nearby can actually get in town! Which is why when my brother-in-law returned from a sojurn to Kansas City, I was psyched to discover he […]

French Gimlet (No. 1 and No. 2)

June 29, 2010 (Day 150) — French Gimlet We’re almost halfway through this yearlong project! Wow… we’re almost halfway through. That’s a lot of cocktails. Some good, some great, some utter abominations unto the Lord himself. Yesterday was my birthday. And you know it’s a good birthday when you receive four different bottles of booze! […]

Jack Collins

June 28, 2010 (Day 149) — Jack Collins Hooch. White Lightning. Mountain Dew. White Dog. Moonshine. Okay, techinically moonshine is defined as any sort of distilled liquor that’s been manufactured and sold illegally. But, when you think of Moonshine, you’re probably thinking of White Dog. What’s White Dog? It’s unaged bourbon whiskey. Whereas bourbon is […]

Kahlua Colada

June 27, 2010 (Day 148) — Kahlua Colada We finished our run of “Pageant: The Musical” today! A very successful run at that! Now, because I’m exhausted I’ll make this one short and sweet. And tropical! Why make a plain ol’ boring Pina Colada when you can make the Kahlua Colada — an interesting play […]

Tropical Hangover (Arbor Mist Challenge)

June 26, 2010 (Day 147) — Tropical Hangover I’m always up for a challenge. Maybe it’s my idiot male mind. Maybe it’s… okay, it’s probably that. During the current production at the local theater, I came into the dressing room to find a bottle made of nightmares sitting on my dressing room counter: Arbor Mist […]

The Bar Napkin, feautring Sex on the Beach

June 25, 2010 (Day 146) — Sex on the Beach Jenn’s writing tonight’s post. Good luck. Everything after this sentence is Jenn. (See you on the other side) I’m not even sure what he means by that.  I mean, how hard can this be?  He makes me a drink-or two.  I drink it.  I tell […]

Jim Beam Smooth and Sour

June 24, 2010 (Day 145) — Jim Beam Smooth and Sour It’s a beautiful day out, so let’s make something even and refreshing! 2 parts Jim Beam bourbon 1 part amaretto liqueur 1 part triple sec 2 parts sour mix 2 parts lemon-lime soda Pour your liquors into a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into […]

Lemon Drop

June 23, 2010 (Day 144) — Lemon Drop We’ve already made the Rose City Drop, so why not hearken back to that amazing cocktail’s base — The Lemon Drop. This is an excellent dessert drink after a heavy meal, because it has a nice sweet and sour kick to it. This is also a great […]

Brass Monkey

June 22, 2010 (Day 143) — Brass Monkey “Brass Monkey, that funky monkey. Brass Monkey, junkie. That funky monkey” — Beastie Boys, License to Ill Today? 105 degree temps. Eye-melting hot. Thank God for central air and cool evenings so I don’t have to drag my dog out into this inferno of an afternoon. We […]

ORIGINAL — Prairie Flower (Beertail Contest)

June 21, 2010 (Day 142) — Prairie Flower (Beertail Contest) A few weeks ago I mentioned that some of my fellow mixologists and I had decided to try our hands at an Iron Chef-like cocktail contest. Each month we’d have a base ingredient, around which we’d build an original cocktail. Josh and Chris were the […]