In the Liquor Cabinet

Want to know what we drink? These are key to a well-stocked cabinet.

Gin — Hendricks (Can’t say enough good things about this gin. An amazingly smooth flavor, you can have gin and tonic without any limes). New Amsterdam (Don’t want to drop the $34 for Hendricks? This is a good little straight gin with a sweeter, less fruity taste).

Vodka — Skyy 90 (A very clean, tasty vodka. Plus, it’s made with top 1% of Kansas winter wheat). Absolut Vanilla (Need a Dreamsicle in a pinch? Throw a shot of this in with some OJ, baby you got a stew going on!)

Scotch/Blended — Johnnie Walker Red Label (As blasphemous as blended scotch may be, this is a solid, oaky scotch that won’t break the bank).

Scotch/Single Malt — The Macallan 12 Year. It’s a Speyside scotch, so it has a nice smokey flavor that goes great on the rocks, but is killer in cocktails.

Bourbon — Jim Beam (A good day-to-day bourbon that’s affordable). Maker’s Mark (For your higher-end guests).

Tequila — Don Julio Anejo (Not a big fan of tequila honestly, but this is a smooth choice, even though it can run upwards of $50. Only one I drink.)

Rum — Bacardi (of course)

Liqueurs — White Creme de Cacao (Mr. Boston), Dark Creme de Cacao (Mr. Boston), Grenadine (Rose’s),


  1. Are you still working on that Don Julio Anejo tequila I gave you like five years ago for your birthday?

  2. vierthalerphotography says:

    Nope! That actually got finished off in pretty short order. Damn good stuff.

  3. Actually, my mom & I finished it off in Margaritas! Delish!! I’m pretty sure Mark was working that night….

  4. vierthalerphotography says:

    When wasn’t I working?

    • Mark,

      The Anejo is excellent one of my fav’s as well until I tried Don Julio 1942 much more expensive than the Anejo but well worth it! When I was bartending I sold more of this than any other Tequila! Try it and let me know what you think if you haven’t already!

      • vierthalerphotography says:

        Daaaang…. $100? That is a bit more expensive. 🙂 I’ll definitely make sure and pick some up if/when I get the chance though.


  5. Looking for a name of drink if there is one yet, it is rum chata, khalua and vodka, if you have a name please let me know Thank you

  6. Try Citadelle gin. You won’t go back. Unbelievable. It’s won every award a gin can win including double gold medals in SF two years in a row. I’m not a spokesperson, just a liquorpedia. 🙂


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