Angler Cocktail

The Angler Cocktail falls under a similar umbrella for several of the drinks we’ve already mixed – heady, bitter, and powerful. And also – brown.

Alexander’s Sister Cocktail

What you end up with – especially if you’re using the heavier shit-bag creme de menthes available in your local liquor store – is something that is primarily dominated by mint and… and well that’s about it.

Alexander Cocktail (No. 2)

The Alexander Cocktail No. 2 – more famously known as the Brandy Alexander – has a well-deserved space in the pantheon of after-dinner dessert cocktails.

Alexander Cocktail (No. 1)

The Alexander Cocktail No. 1 is the lesser known of the Alexanders, featuring gin instead of brandy.

Albertine Cocktail

One of the first of several recipes within The Savoy Cocktail Book that is meant for larger groups.