Behind the Scenes at DrinkxXx on Me Bartending

August 12, 2011

Hey everyone! This is my second piece for Cocktails, 365 and Im starting to get used to this whole guest writing thing. So my subject this week will be my Mobile Bartending Service. A lot of people have asked me over the years how did I come up with the idea to have a “mobile bar service” and ALWAYS ask what is a mobile bar service? Well… Here we go!

DrinkxXx on Me Bartending service was born in 2007. The bar I was working at closed due to some unforeseen circumstances. So a couple months off had me thinking; I had been making drinks at family gatherings, and bachelor parties, etc and my brother had the GREAT idea. “Hey man, you should get paid to do this”. The light in my brain went off and I had a great business idea.

Now I was just racking my brain to come with a name for the company. My GF at that time in my life is actually the person who named the company. Anyone that knows me knows that at a certain time in my life (my 20s) I was a serious club hopper. And when me and the homies were out in the clubs, drinks were on me! So she said “Why not call it Drinks On Me since you always providing drinks anyway.” So over some time, the name changed to DrinkxXx to symbolize back in movies and TV and prohibition times when alcohol was either illegal or taboo, a lot of bottles would be labeled with the XXX to symbolize that it was a spirit. So now that you’ve gotten the origins of DrinkxXx On Me, Let me explain to you exactly what it is that we do…

So DrinkxXx On Me has grown from a 1 man operation (I) to a full team of bartenders. We are getting bookings all over the city of Chicago. Weddings, birthday parties, divorce parties, etc. We provide professional bartenders/mixologists and bar consulting services for your events. These past few months we’ve even partnered with several non for profit organizations and provided bar services for their events. And the icing on the cake came in May when MY company became the official go to company for LeSin Vodka, which coincided with myself becoming a brand mixologist for that company.

We have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and are looking to continue. You can reach out to us on facebook at, Twitter at @DrinkxXxOnMeInc or just shoot an email over to for a quote.

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