Harlem — Not Just for Shots Anymore

February 18, 2011 — Playing Around with Harlem Herbal Liqueur Let’s try a little experiment today, shall we? Because a lot of us are gearing up for the weekend, I’m sure plenty of you guys can already taste that Jager on your tongue. And while it’s understandable that you may want to go out and […]

REVIEW — The Balvenie 14-Year Caribbean Cask

February 14, 2011 — The Balvenie 14-Year Caribbean Cask The Depot Theater Company production of “The Woman in Black” opened this past weekend in beautiful downtown Dodge City. It’s tradition in theater to receive opening night flowers. However, neither my wife nor I are particular fans of flowers. They die and make a mess. So, proving […]

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Bacardi!

February 5, 2011 Holy crap. It’s my first real post since the 365 project ended. Hopefully people will keep reading! One advantage of this post, I don’t have to number and keep track of where I’m at. After several days of resting up, I think you guys deserve a Friday shot of Cocktails, 365! Anyway, […]

Note to my Dodge City Readers

The column has been stripped from the Daily Globe because of the use of “goddamn” in this week’s column. You can still find us here, though! A very sincere “thank you” to all of my local (and national and international) readers! Don’t stop reading the Globe though, because it’s still your best source for local, […]