Campari Part Three: The Verdict

So, we here at Cocktails, 365 are often wary of recommending expensive liqueurs. They don’t often take center stage of the cocktail, and you can get away with some really solid liqueurs that aren’t too ridicolous. As such, you know you can always rely on us for our recommendation on the higher-end liqueurs and bitters. We say, […]

Campari Part Two: The Nightmare

Okay, so at the beginning of last week, we talked about the opening of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. And, if we recall correctly, we also mentioned creating a cocktail for that show. And so we did! We have an opening night party coming up next week when the show opens, and today’s cocktail will be […]

Campari Part Two: Lucien Gaudin

Gin and Campari go together like cigars and scotch. The multi-layered complexity of the two liquors form together to put layer upon layer of flavor. It’s what forms the basis of the world-famous Negroni. However, there is another old-school cocktail that takes the traditional mixture and adds even more complexity. The Lucien Gaudin is a […]

Campari Part Two: Je Ne Regrette Rien

There is an outstanding french song that was popular back in the hey day of the 1950s called “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” which translates to “No, I don’t regret anything.” The whole song oozes class, so we figured we needed to create a cocktail that was equally class.. oozy… Yeah… So. Right. Je Ne […]

Campari Part Two: Campari Collins

With it’s dark red color and sweet, citrus, bitterness Campari does turn out to be one of the best options heading into the fall months. You can straddle that delicate line between a cocktail that is too heavy for the hot temperatures but too light for the chill winds that sweep in from the north. […]

Campari Part One: Taste Test

As we head into the end of September, that also means we approach the opening of another show at the local live theater, Depot Theater Company. This particular production of The Mousetrap is being directed by my wife and Cocktails, 365 executive editor, Jenn. That means that I’m in charge of the cocktail menu for […]

Laphroaig Part Three: The Verdict

So, after two weeks of playing around with the powerful smoke of the Laphroaig 10 Year, the question still remains – is it worth putting into your cocktails? Our answer: a resounding yes. Laphroaig is an excellent cocktail scotch because it’s outstanding when sipped by itself, but gives a powerful smoke and iodine note that […]

Laphroaig Part Two: Bantam

As we near the amateur hockey season (which is the highlight, as the NHL appears to be on its way to another lockout) you’ll forgive us if our minds turn to the ice and all that comes with the best sport on ice. Or, if you ask us, it’s more the best sport ever. So, […]

Laphroaig Part Two: Kilt Royale

Lazy puns are sometimes the best way to get through to people like us. In fact, that’s how we usually communicate in the Cocktails, 365 test lab. There’s very few instances of what anyone would actually call “conversation” or “complete sentences.” It’s mostly, you know, one-off jokes and shitty puns. So we are absolutely unapologetic […]

Laphroaig Part Two: Smoke and Toddy

As it turns to September, thoughts start to turn to fall. As such, we’re here to set up your arsenal with some toasty cool-weather drinks. Unfortunately, in our house the change of seasons also means the start of head colds. A book agent once told me her father’s favorite recipe for a head cold was […]