March 28, 2012 (Day 365) — Biennial Two years. For the past two years we’ve created a unique cocktail every single day. There’s been some great cocktails, and there’s been some abominations. There’s been some great posts written with such wit and craft to be confused with Hemingway. There’s been some horrible posts that consisted of us […]

Pallini Cooler

March 27, 2012 (Day 364) — Pallini Cooler Mmmm…. spring. That means fresh herbs from the garden in our cocktails. 1 oz Pallini Limoncello 1 oz gin .5 oz fresh lemon juice 10 mint leaves Club soda to top Muddle the mint leaves with the lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with […]


March 26, 2012 (Day 363) — Expatriate An expatriate is a person who is living (either permanently or temporarily) in a culture and land different from their own upbringing. And yes, I just used another definition lede. It is the Jim Belushi of speech openings… Damn. Anyway, this combines two distinctly different ingredients and creates something […]


March 26, 2012 — Pallini Limoncello Oh, limoncello. You springy, lemony bastard. You’re the purview of drunken holidays in the Tuscan villas. Let’s bring that magic back home to Kansas. To round out the last three days before the end of the year, we might as well go out in a celebratory fashion. Nose: Very lemony, as […]

Copper Mine

March 25, 2012 (Day 362) — Copper Mine We are nearing the very end of our second year of daily cocktail writing. If nothing else, it’s lead us to believe that there are still countless ways to create. This is a powerful drink, but if done right it will create a beautiful copper color. 2 […]


March 24, 2012 (Day 361) — Deadwood In case you’ve ever wondered how good the under-appreciated the HBO show Deadwood is, all you need to know can be found in this clip. It’s amazing. 3 oz Pendleton Canadian Whisky 1 oz Original Cinn Cinnamon Schnapps Combine ingredients in a mason jar filled with ice. Cheers! — Mark


March 23, 2012 (Day 360) — Rattlesnake  We’re keeping with the western themes today, although this one is much like the Sagebrush, it certainly isn’t the most authentically western. 2 oz Pendleton Canadian Whisky 1 dash lemon juice 1 drop Volcano Lime Burst Build in a rocks glass filled with ice. Cheers! — Mark

Morning Dew

March 22, 2012 (Day 359) — Morning Dew Heck yes puns. This is a simple cocktail that some may turn their noses up at, however it’s the simple and strange that are often the pleasant surprises. 2 oz Pendleton Whisky 12 oz Mountain Dew Combine ingredients in a mason jar filled with ice cubes. Cheers! […]


March 21, 2012 (Day 358) — Sagebrush Sagebrush is one of those words that always evokes images of the Wild West. It’s seriously doubtful that this drink would have been able to be made on the further most outposts. It’s still delicious. 2 oz Pendleton Canadian Whisky .5 oz triple sec .5 oz orange juice […]


March 20, 2012 (Day 357) — Helena The Manhattan is a nice classic cocktail, and the Pendleton Manhattan (which appears on Pendelton’s site) looks equally good. However, we decided to play around with it and come up with our own. We named the Helena. As in Montana. We’re clever like that. 3 oz Pendleton Canadian […]