Sunset Boulevard

As a general rule of thumb we try to create our own unique cocktails, or at least adjust from recipes we find in books and across the interwebs to better fit our own tastes. However, every once in a while we decide to go ahead and simply make a recipe straight from the liquor’s website. […]

Conjure Cognac Part Two (Cocktails): Mognac

What do you do when mixing with cognac? Do you focus on its wine-like qualities and let it take center stage? Do you take it as a base ingredient similar to whiskey? We’re actually kind of fond of using cognac and brandy in a whiskey-like function. We show that in tonight’s cocktail, which is a Manhattan-based […]

Conjure Cognac Part One: The Taste Test

Much like tequila these past two weeks, cognac didn’t get much of a chance to shine during the past year’s worth of budget liquors. There’s actually a very good reason for that: most good cognacs aren’t going to fall within the budget booze range. Often considered “Ultra Premium” cognac is the sipping drink of the […]

Don Julio Blanco Part Three: Verdict

We’ve spent two weeks walking through the agave fields of Mexico with our good friend Don Julio. We’ve taken a wandering look at some of the lesser known tequila cocktails. And we have arrived out verdict. Truth be told, we arrived at our verdict after our very first sip of the Don Julio neat. It’s […]


We continue tonight with creating classic cocktails substituting their classic base with tequila. Tonight we have the Tequini, which is a twist on the Dirty Martini made with tequila instead of the standard gin. A cocktail like this is good because it lets the quality of the tequila stand out. You’ll want to make sure […]

Don Julio Blanco Part Two (Cocktails): Mexicali

As part of the recent increased interest in tequila cocktails, it’s became somewhat en vogue to take other classic cocktails and simply replace their base liquor with tequila. For example, a classic Tom Collins would become a Juan Collins. Which, by the way, if you google Juan Collins it comes up with a man who […]

Don Julio Blanco Part Two (Cocktails): Sloe Train to Mexico

Because of the smoothness we’ve noted in the Don Julio, it allows it much more flexibility in mixing. While some of the lesser tequilas just obliterate all other flavors in a cocktail, the Don Julio is smooth enough to mix well, while still having enough of a distinct flavor to lend its hand to the […]

Don Julio Blanco Part Two (Cocktails): Tequila Mojito

For years, tequila has been relegated to either margarita mix or shots off of supple co-eds breasts. And while we are all for body shots, tequila hasn’t really been given much respect among the cocktail set. Until now that is. Through sheer power of WILL Cocktails, 365 will force you to think of tequila cocktails […]

Don Julio Blanco Part One: The Taste Test

For an entire year we didn’t even touch upon tequila. There’s actually a very good reason for that – cheap tequila tends to be terrible. There are things you kind of say “Okay, the cost isn’t worth it for the taste difference.” Tequila is not one of those products. That’s not to say that every single expensive […]

Zodiac Cocktails Part Three: The Verdict

It seems like two weeks just keep slipping buy us faster and faster. It’s already time for us to break down the past two weeks using Zodiac and bring the judging hammer down: is it really worth the price? As mentioned before, the average cost of Zodiac is going to run you somewhere in the […]