Tropical Hangover (Arbor Mist Challenge)

June 26, 2010 (Day 147) — Tropical Hangover

I’m always up for a challenge. Maybe it’s my idiot male mind. Maybe it’s… okay, it’s probably that. During the current production at the local theater, I came into the dressing room to find a bottle made of nightmares sitting on my dressing room counter:

Arbor Mist Zinfandel Tropical Sangria (Jesus, could you fit any more flavors into that)

One of the techies and his wife had brought that in, with the idea of challenging me. Make a cocktail, they said, with this drink that is in the very least drinkable. I was horrified. I was intrigued. I was in.

I set about that evening trying my hand at several cocktails which all turned out to be a bust. I figured, in the end, the key to making a drinkable cocktail was to drown out the fermented-gummy bears taste of the Arbor Mist with other flavors.

It was quite the conundrum. How to make something low-quality taste high-quality? I wasn’t quite sure I was up to the challenge. But, I’m kind of an idiot, so I charged ahead anyway. And came up with the Tropical Hangover:

2 oz Arbor Mist Tropical Sangria Zinfadel Super Happy Fun Time

2 oz vodka

Top with pineapple juice.

Build your cocktail in a chilled rocks glass. Try not to gag on the smell of the Mist. Mix together.

Is it good? Not at all. Is it drinkable? Yes, it is. I could easily see some sorority girl getting hammered on about a dozen of these in one night. Cheers, sorority girls!

Will I ever drink it again? No way in hell.

Mission accomplished, Smiths. Mission accomplished.


— Mark


  1. Hahahah, oh I loved this, especially your renaming the arbor mist as “Arbor Mist Tropical Sangria Zinfadel Super Happy Fun Time.” … they probably should just name it that, it will appeal more to their target audience.

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