Brass Monkey

June 22, 2010 (Day 143) — Brass Monkey

“Brass Monkey, that funky monkey. Brass Monkey, junkie. That funky monkey” — Beastie Boys, License to Ill

Today? 105 degree temps. Eye-melting hot. Thank God for central air and cool evenings so I don’t have to drag my dog out into this inferno of an afternoon. We need something fresh and light to bring the mercury down just a little bit. After scouring countless cocktail recipes, not really finding something that struck me as amazing, I found the Brass Monkey. I’ll be adjusting the linked recipe for taste/potency preference. It has ingredients I like, and the virtues of the drink are espoused by the Beastie Boys! All positives in my mind!

The Brass Monkey:

2 oz vodka

2 oz dark rum

2 oz orange juice

Build in a chilled rocks glass filled with ice.

I’m not really sure the best way to describe this drink. It’s certainly not bad by any means, but it’s probably something I’ll never drink again. I’ve had a drink called the Tropical Sunset that uses dark rum and orange juice, and that’s an excellent drink. However, the addition of vodka, while adding a very definite kick, doesn’t really do much for the drink itself. Honestly, it tastes more like a booze-filled, less flavorful Tropical Sunset rather than a cocktail that was created for its tastiness. To me this tastes more like the Long Island Iced Tea — something to get gooned fast and cheap. Which, truth be told, isn’t the reason I drink. I prefer to have a perfectly balanced cocktail that I can sip and cultivate a pleasant buzz.

This, on the other hand, doesn’t have much of a distinctive taste, but sneaks up on you like a sniper at your backdoor. I’m drinking it, no problems, and then WHAM it hits you and you realize that perhaps you’re a little more tipsy that you had intended.

Like I said, not bad, per se, just not the type of drink for me. Give me something a little more balanced.


— Mark

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