Café Barbados

December 11, 2010 (Day 315) — Café Barbados

The other evening we took a taste test of Cockspur’s Fine Aged Rum and their 12-year Rum. While sampling the 12-year, I mentioned that it was probably best enjoyed either neat or served on the rocks. However I made a mental note that the heavy, sweet flavor of the aged rum would probably go pretty well in coffee drinks. Standard Saturday procedure is to sip some Irish coffee over some bacon and eggs. However, we decided to switch things up and make some homemade pancakes.

That makes it the prefect time to play around with our standard drink as well. Now, coffee and rum isn’t completely unheard of, so I knew there was some precedent that I would be able to follow.

Although not quite this dramatic.

It seemed to make sense to make the Café Barbados anyway, considering the Cockspur rums come from Barbados.

Café Barbados

2 oz dark rum

1.5 oz coffee liqueur

Black coffee

Pour your rum and liqueur into an Irish coffee mug then top with the piping-hot coffee. Stir with a spoon and serve up.

Very good. Heavy, as is to be expected when you have both coffee liqueur and dark rum in a drink. But, because you’re using a nice, dark coffee (I hope you are at least), the heaviness works. The best part is, take a look at the picture above. It looks like regular coffee. So, you’re stealth boozing.


— Mark

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