December 12, 2010 (Day 316) — Mudslide

How in the world have we got this far into the year of drinks and NOT made a Mudslide? I mean, it’s one of the most ubiquitous drinks for those who are too timid to drink real cocktails. Hmm… maybe that’s why. Whenever I think of Mudslides, I think of crappy mix-based drinks in your local “Wacky Shit on the Wall Eatery.” Plus, they ain’t exactly manly. Not until now that is!

Okay, there’s really not too much we can to make the Mudslide a manly drink. But, it’s one step in it’s favor when you follow our #1 rule — screw frozen drinks. The noise of the blender will jack up the vibes of your party. So, this will fix that a bit. Also, the lack of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle helps redeem it a bit more.

The strength is one more plus.


3 oz vodka

2 oz Kahlua

2 oz Irish cream

1 oz heavy cream

Pour your ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake well then dump (don’t strain) into a chilled rocks glass. Serve it up!

Sweet. Foofy. God-a-mighty foofy. But powerful, which as I said early, can kind of redeem in it some people’s eyes.


— Mark

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