TATRATEA Week – Day Two: Peach Tea Liqueur

Okay, so last night we introduced you to the lineup (or rather, the mostly whole lineup) of TATRATEA – a Slovak black tea liqueur that has recently started to gain traction in the United States market.


We’re heading down the line from left to right, keeping you entertained this Tuesday night by jumping up 10 percent in the alcohol department. We’re also getting a little bit sweeter on you.

Tonight we’re sampling the TATRATEA 42% Peach Tea Liqueur.


Unlike the other iterations in the lineup we’re sampling, the TATRATEA Peach Tea Liqueur uses both black and white leaves as opposed to the heavier, headier black tea.


Holy peach, Batman! You know those peach rings you can pick up at your neighborhood convenience store? You know the ones we mean. The ones that are like $1 for 2? That’s what these smell like. Only a higher quality. Think more like the Trolli Peach Rings as opposed to welfare peach rings.

Kinda like Welfare Gatorade (Art by Will Laren)

But we digress.

This has a very pleasant peach scent without being overwhelmingly fake. The smell of tea is still there, but not nearly so pronounced. It comes up on the end.


Much, much sweeter than the Citrus Tea that we sampled last night. There’s a pleasant spiciness up front, finishing with a sweeter, sugary peach flavor. The tea flavor isn’t as pronounced throughout the dram as some of the other offerings. That mostly comes on the end in a not-unpleasant aftertaste of tea. The peach is definitely center stage here. Much sweeter than the others, and more to our minds a liqueur than a straight spirit.

On the Rocks:

Interestingly, the tea becomes more obvious with the addition of the ice, although the peach is still right there. This isn’t as syrupy and saccharine as a peach schnapps. For those of you out there who prefer something not as sweet, this could easily replace schnapps in your usual cocktails.

For this cocktail, we decided to use that sweetness of the peach to its advantage and we paired it with a dry champagne and just little bit of a jot of Angostura bitters.


  • 1.5 oz TATRATEA 42% Peach Tea Liqueur
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • Brut champagne to top

Pour a measure of chilled TATRATEA Peach Tea Liqueur into the bottom of a chilled martini glass, top with chilled brut champagne, and then allow one dash of Angostura bitters to slowly blend in the glass.


Make sure you’re using a drier champagne, as using something sweeter is going to totally jack with the flavors. You want that dry to accentuate the sweetness of the peach, not just add to it. Otherwise you end up with this syrupy mess. It’s all about balance!


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