Monarch Pass

July 28, 2011 (Day 122) — Monarch Pass

As a kid, my parents knew a couple that owned a rustic little cabin up in the mountains near Colorado Springs. For several years, it became a bit of a family tradition. Amongst those traditions was taking a trip up to the Monarch Pass.

Photo by Sean Butler

For those unfamiliar, Monarch Pass is the continental divide. That means that that’s the line where water drains on one side to the Pacific, and on the other to the Atlantic. It’s also considered one of the most scenic drives in America. This drink is a little bit of an homage to that scenic pass.

Monarch Pass

  • 1.5 oz Grand Monarch Orange Liqueur
  •  4 oz ginger ale
  •  Lime wedge

Combine in the liquid ingredients in a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Squeeze the lime over the top and drop it in. Serve with a straw.

Simple and perfectly balanced bit of orange with some lime.


— Mark

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