Lemon Bourbon Press

July 14, 2010 (Day 165) — Lemon Bourbon Press

I’m dying for some bourbon, but it’s still insanely humid here, do something light and refreshing too. There are a lot of citrus bourbon press’ out there, so why not try something a little bit bright, but dark?

Lemon Bourbon Press

2 oz bourbon

.5 oz sweet and sour mix

Lemon slice

Dash ginger ale

Dash club soda

Place your lemon slice in a rocks glass and muddle with the sweet and sour mix. Remove rind. Fill glass with ice, then top with bourbon and equal dashes of the soda and ginger ale. Stir once or twice, gently.

Now, in general I’m of the opinion bourbon isn’t much of a “summer” liquor. When it’s ungodly hot, your underwear’s sticking to your ass cheeks and there’s no goddamn wind, a heavier liquor usually isn’t your friend. But, much like the Mint Julep, bourbon still has the ability to surprise you.

The bourbon adds it’s trademark sweetness, but the sweet and sour, lemon juice and bubblies add a nice lightness to it. Certainly not a favorite (I’m not a huge fan of citrus in my dark liquors), but this one is definitely a winner.


— Mark

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