The Troublemaker

September 30, 2011 (Day 185) — The Troublemaker

“He just goes from town to town/Stirring up the young folks/’Til they’re nothing but a disrespectful mob.” – Willie Nelson, The Troublemaker

Spoiler Alert: This song is about Jesus. So, do I feel uncomfortable making a cocktail based on a song written by a drunk stoner about Jesus Christ? Not particularly. Jesus was a troublemaker. A rebel. You’ve got to respect that.

The Troublemaker

  • 2 oz Old Whiskey River Bourbon
  • 2 oz pickle brine
  • 1 bottle strong wheat beer

Pour the bourbon and brine into the bottom of a pint glass. Top with the beer. Serve.

We emphasize that you’ll want a strong wheat beer for this reason — it will get its ass handed to it if you’re not being careful. We used the Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen for our beer. This is one hell of a beer by itself, with a very distinct flavor that can hold its own against the bourbon and the pickle brine.

The bourbon adds a nice kick from the alcohol and a bit of sweetness from the flavor, while the pickle brine gives a delicious bit of saltiness on the end. Lingering aftertaste has a pleasant, almost oat-like flavor to it. Hellloooo boozy granola bar.


— Mark

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