Amaranth Cocktail

May 17, 2013 (Day 8) – Amaranth Cocktail

One thing about scouring these classic cocktails is you realize something – the majority of cocktails from the late 1800s use basically two spirits – whiskey and gin. Now, what’s cool about this is that it does actually specify what kind of whiskey and gin (why yes, there is more than one kind of gin).

Today’s cocktail comes from the 1865 publication of George J. Kappeler’s Modern American Drinks.

Flickr: MetaGrrrl

Today’s cocktail takes its name from the amaranth flower which is typically grown in summer and early fall. As for why it takes its name from amaranth I’m not exactly sure, as it’s mainly used as  a grain when consumed.

Or perhaps it’s because amaranth is mentioned in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Immortal amarant, a flower which once

In paradise, fast by the tree of life,

Began to bloom; but soon for man’s offence

To heaven removed, where first it grew, there grows,

And flowers aloft, shading the fount of life,

And where the river of bliss through midst of heaven

Rolls o’er elysian flowers her amber stream:

With these that never fade the spirits electBind their resplendent locks.

Amaranth Cocktail

  • 1.5 oz bourbon
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Fine white sugar
  • Club soda

Fine ice in a mixing glass, two dashes Angostura bitters, one jigger whiskey. Mix, strain into a whiskey glass and fill up with seltzer; then take a very little fine sugar in small bar spoon and stir into the cocktail. Drink during effervescence.



Somewhat simple in flavor, it’s nice for something to add a few more layers to your normal whiskey on the rocks.

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