May 3, 2011 (Day 36) — Sunburn

After a chilly motorcycle ride in to work today, the weather quickly took a turn for the warm. With almost no wind and rising temps, it’s important for people out and about to make sure they’re properly covered up.

It’s also the prefect time to make a summery drink so you can spend your evening out on the back porch with your family. Or if not your family, than at least your pets. Because they’re always good company for booze. Especially if they’re our dogs who truly are booze hounds.

Stare into the face of your cocktail's impending doom!

Tonight’s drink takes the sweet and sour of pink lemonade and uses the sweet and power of the American Honey to create a killer summer drink.


2 oz Wild Turkey American Honey

8 oz pink lemonade

Dash of ginger ale

Combine the ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice and stir well. Top with a dash of ginger ale. Serve.

Ladies, I know we’ve been remiss in making some girly drinks as of late. On behalf of the Sunburn, we’d like to say, you’re welcome and thank you for waiting.

The first taste you get is distinctively pink lemonade, but sweet honey whiskey flavor sneaks up the back and hovers on the end. Pretty in pink and sweet enough for the ladies, but strong enough with a nice enough burn that guys aren’t going to feel too weird drinking one. Besides, if you’re so insecure in your masculinity that pink weirds you out, I hate to tell you that I’ve got some news for you…


– Mark


  1. I especially like the sound of this! Strangely enough, I have a tiny bit of American Honey to use up…

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