Juju Bee

May 2, 2011 (Day 35) — Juju Bee

If you didn’t catch my review earlier, it’d be good to go back and read that now. Because that’s going to be most of the background information you need for this week’s featured Best Buy Booze.

American Honey won out in our taste test. Which means it’s going to be our featured best buy booze this week — and at $20 for a 750 ml, it falls well within the $25 limit.

Sometimes simple is better, as evidenced by tonight’s cocktail.

Juju Bee

  • 3 oz Wild Turkey American Honey
  • Ginger ale to top

Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice. Pour in your American Honey and then top with the ginger ale. Serve.

Elegantly simple and deliciously sweet. The honey takes center stage, with the ginger ale doing an excellent job lending its spicier elements. This has already worked its way into my regular drink rotation.


— Mark

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