Christmas Eve Fire-Off: Sazerac’s Fireball vs. Hood River’s SinFire

Happy Christmas Eve! There won’t be an update tomorrow, as we will be spending our day with friends and family. Tonight is time to snuggle up with that special someone by a crackling fire and indulge in some adult libations. We recent got our hands on Hood River’s SinFire – a cinnamon whisky that is looking to edge its way into the market largely dominated by Sazerac’s Fireball.

We figured we’d try the two side-by-side and let you know the features of each one.



Nose: Strong red hot candy scent. Little alcohol scent.

Neat: Sweet up front, with powerful, spicy cinnamon following quickly behind. Finishes with a sweeter, sugary after taste.

On the Rocks: The sweetness becomes more pronounced, and the spicy bite of the cinnamon isn’t as powerful.


Nose: This isn’t as sweet-smelling as the Fireball. While the Fireball has a distinct Red Hot candy scent, the SinFire is more cinnamon and whisky smelling.

Neat: This doesn’t have nearly the spiciness of the Fireball. The cinnamon flavor is much more subdued, and while there’s a lick of fire, it’s not so pronounced. The finish also ends much faster.

On the Rocks: While the ice cooled down the burn, the ice accentuates the burn in the SinFire.


If you want something sweeter with a spicier kick, go with the Fireball. If you want something that’s a little more mellow and subdued, go with the SinFire.

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