Bluebeard’s Wench

September 12, 2010 (Day 225) — Bluebeard’s Wench

Ahhh, Sunday brunch right before I head out for a week away from my wife and stepson for work. Let’s make something fun and bright to keep the mood’s levity!

I love the name  Bluebeard’s Wench, so let’s make that one.

Bluebeard’s Wench

3 oz rum

1.5 oz blue caracao

1.5 oz orange liqueur

Tonic water

Fill a snifter glass filled with ice with the ingredients, then stir. Top with tonic water.

This is very bright (Literally. Look at how blue it is.) It would make a great by-the-pool drink as it’s very smooth and sweet without being overpowering.


— Mark


  1. Sounds delicious and refreshing!

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