Milk Dud

March 12, 2010 (Day 41) — Milk Dud

On the recommendation of the owner of my favorite liquor store in town (Comanche Beverage Outlet, by the way. If you’re ever out Dodge City way, this is THE place to pick up some lesser known liquors/micro brews, etc.) I picked up some Dutch Caramel Vodka from Vincent Van Gogh.

Now, a couple of years ago, Jenn and I picked up some some of Van Gogh’s Dutch Chocolate Vodka. I was looking at making a super chocolate martini at the time, and we were struck by the bottle, and the rave reviews the manager had given it. So, we spent the $35. Even the smell alone of the Dutch Chocolate would have been enough to spend the money. This sweet, cocoa scent wafted up from the bottle the moment we popped it open.

So, on the owner’s advice this Friday, I picked up the Van Gogh Caramel.

Its color is gorgeous too.

With our previous foray into the Van Gogh vodka arena, I had high hopes. And I wasn’t disappointed. At. All. Killer bite with the smoky caramel taste. It’s unbelievable. That’s two for two with Van Gogh so far. So, of course, I had to find some sort of candy bar themed cocktail to compliment this killer flavored vodka.

So, for tonight’s drink, we indulge in a Milk Dud.

  • 2 oz caramel vodka
  • 2 oz brown creme de cacao

Shake until frost forms on the outside the cocktail shaker. Pour into chilled martini glass. And again, that great smell greets you when you take a whiff of the martini.

(Martini Sniffer — possible insult?)

Did I mention it’s gorgeous?

When I had Jenn taste the vodka straight up so we could get the flavors, she made the comment that she could drink this vodka simply on the rocks. And it’s true. It’s really that good.

But coupled with the creme de cacao… holy mother… You only get a hint of the chocolate, even though you have equal parts both. The caramel really takes control of the drink. But! That creme de cacao takes just a liiiiiitle bit of that burn off of the straight-up vodka to make it smooth. Frighteningly smooth. Sampled with both dinner (Chicken in a tarragon cream sauce over wild rice) and as a desert (by itself) this martini was more than willing to step up and do the job in both cases.

Does it taste like a Milk Dud? Not at all. It still kicks major amounts of ass.

Jenn’s verdict: “FOOFY DRINKS ROCK!” followed up with some rock n’ roll devil horns. “Sending this out to all my foofy drink fans!”

Quote of the night. “Oh man… That’s DANGEROUSLY smooth.”

This is going in the file for a regular.


— Mark


  1. I LOVE Van Gogh vodkas. Especially the pineapple. Haven’t found the brand yet in Lawrence.

    • vierthalerphotography says:

      Van Gogh is flippin’ amazing. I haven’t tried the pineapple yet. The double espresso!

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