Angler Cocktail

The Angler Cocktail falls under a similar umbrella for several of the drinks we’ve already mixed – heady, bitter, and powerful. And also – brown.

Alexander Cocktail (No. 2)

The Alexander Cocktail No. 2 – more famously known as the Brandy Alexander – has a well-deserved space in the pantheon of after-dinner dessert cocktails.

Alexander Cocktail (No. 1)

The Alexander Cocktail No. 1 is the lesser known of the Alexanders, featuring gin instead of brandy.

Albertine Cocktail

One of the first of several recipes within The Savoy Cocktail Book that is meant for larger groups.

Alaska Cocktail

The Savoy Project Day Eight – Alaska Cocktail The Savoy Project is an online chronicle of Cocktails, 365 editor Mark A. Vierthaler’s quest to make every single cocktail in The Savoy Cocktail Book. Each recipe contains the original recipe as it appeared in the book, as well as which brand Mark used in parenthesis next to the ingredient. […]

After Supper Cocktail

The After Supper Cocktail cuts through some of the sweetness in the After Dinner (Special) Cocktail, but still ends up unbalanced and cloying.

After Dinner (Special) Cocktail

The After Dinner (Special) Cocktail is another super saccharine concoction for your post-dinner drinking not-so-much pleasure.

After Dinner Cocktail

Be aware – this drink does swing quite a bit sweeter.

Affinity Cocktail

Scotch is notoriously difficult to mix with. Much like your drunken uncle at the Thanksgiving table, often times it can be pleasant. But only under the correct circumstances.

Adonis Cocktail

You’re definitely going to want a brighter dry sherry to stand up against the heaviness of the Carpano Antica. Cocktails like the Adonis are a great introduction to sherry-based cocktails.