Monk’s Coffee

December 26, 2010 (Day 330) — Monk’s Coffee

Merry Day After Christmas, everyone! Here’s hoping you each had a wonderful time with family and friends, no matter what your creed may be.  While I got everything I could have really asked for for this Christmas, more than anything it was wonderful to sit down with friends, family and loved ones to catch up, eat some food that was decidedly bad for us, and indulge in some drinks and merriment. Unfortunately, neither of my two older brothers were able to join us Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, as each was with their respective significant other’s families for the holidays.

However, Paul should be rolling in to town today with his fiancée and Luke will be in early next week for a brief family holiday gathering on Tuesday.

If you’re still recovering from the rich holiday food and perhaps a little bit of over indulgence in holiday “spirit,” then you’ve come to the right place! The Monk’s Coffee is a slight bit of cocktail, backed by a hearty dark coffee to help you relax, and perk up, on the day after Christmas!

Monk’s Coffee

.25 oz amaretto

.25 oz orange liqueur

.25 oz buttershots

.25 oz creme de cacao

Strong, black coffee to top.

An odd combination of liqueurs, to be sure, but one that works is magic with the basis of a perfectly brewed back of coffee. It’s kind of hard to describe precisely what the flavor is, as all of them work together in their own way just a little bit different. “Tasty,” would be the best way in my mind.

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