Drunken Englishman

December 5, 2010 (Day 309) — Drunken Englishman

There are few things as intimidating as a drunken englishman. Don’t believe me? Ever been to a Glasgow football match?

He doesn't WANT to smash your face in. He just has to.

There’s something wonderfully incongruous about the hooligan. England is often considered the paragon of politeness and tact. Yet, get a couple chavs together in a bar and the footy match on, you’ve got a riot on your hands that will put the Vietnam protests look like an outing to the park.

An average English Tuesday.

So, to honor that beautiful Jekyll and Hyde relationship, we present to you our own tribute.

Drunken Englishman

2 oz gin (the harsher the better)

Green tea

Fill a Irish coffee mug with hot water and let your green tea steep. Pour in your gin, stir once and drink.

It has a nice bite to it from the gin, but is mellowed by the softer flavor of the green. Just like a football hooligan, it may sound all knowledgeable and sophisticated, but give it the chance and this drink will take a lead pipe to your skull.

Or your mouth...


— Mark


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