Rum ‘n Chocolate

December 1, 2010 (Day 305) — Rum ‘n Chocolate

It’s the first day of December! That means that it’s officially time to really start putting the Christmas on thick. Call me a doofus (or something more offensive( but the holidays are my favorite time of year. Jenn and I both live near our families, so we get to spend some quality time with our parents. Both of my brothers live in New England, so it’s always great to see them when they make the trek back to southwest Kansas.

You know you have great bros when they support you when you're in drag.

The lights, the music, the great, awful-for-you food. It’s all part of one great package. So, in order to kick off my official “Hooray, it’s the Holiday season” mood, let’s make a nice hot chocolate-based cocktail. With some spiced rum to up the warmth ante. And I fully realize “warmth ante” isn’t a real phrase, but goddammit this is my website so I get to write what I want!

Just for the record, Ella Fitzgerald’s “Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas” is currently playing, so to get the full affect of the cocktail, I’m thoroughly convinced you have to have the same album playing. Or, something similar. Bing is equally acceptable.

Although, I can't recommend this album enough really.

This is adjusted from the classic recipe, which is simply light rum with hot chocolate.

Rum ‘n Chocolate

2.5 oz spiced black rum (for extra “oomph!”)

6 oz hot chocolate

Whipped cream

Orange peel shavings

Pour your rum and hot chocolate into a pre-warmed Irish Coffee mug. Top with the whipped cream and then sprinkle the orange zest over the top.

Very tasty and warm-fuzzy inducing. The hot chocolate already warms you up, but that spiced rum really bring it home and creates a nice, emanating warmth from inside. I sincerely approve. Sincerely indeed.


— Mark

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