Steamy Affair

December 2, 2010 (Day 306) — Steamy Affair

Pop quiz, hot shot. What’s something that a lot of Christmas songs have going on in them if you REALLY listen to the lyrics.


Sex. I’m talking about sex.

Just listen to “Let It Snow.” Or “Santa Baby.” Or “Sleigh Ride.”


After all, with the cold wind howling outside the door, snow wafting through the air and carolers smashed on Wassail, it only makes sense to spend your holiday season snuggled up with your sweetie. So, in honor of the official kick off of “snuggling season,” which I have just now deemed December 2 to be so, let’s make something a little bit warm and just a bit… tawdry.


Steamy Affair

Hot black coffee

2 Teaspoons fine sugar

1.5 oz Irish Cream

1.5 oz Kahlúa

Stir sugar, Irish Cream and Kahlúa into a goblet containing hot coffee.

Float cream on top.

Nice, warming and tasty!


— Mark

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