Wolf’s Bite

October 26, 2010 (Day 269) — Wolf’s Bite

Let’s create something original shall we? Something that will straight up whoop down and turn you into a monster.

Make it a brief one.

Wolf’s Bite

1 oz pepper vodka

2 oz Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps

Fill a rocks glass with ice and pour your vodka and schnapps in it. Stir well and serve. Simple enough, no?

This is a play off the cocktail called “Fucking Hot.” And it is. But, the amounts have been differentiated. And, as Jenn said:

“It’s totally like a bite from a werewolf! At first, you don’t feel anything, but then, afterward, it hits you!”

And it’s true. The first time you taste it, you get the pepper flavor and the cinnamon flavor. But then, it the heat slowly sneaks up on you. Like a ninja. A hoodie ninja. I’m actually thinking this may be our featured cocktail for the Halloween party!


— Mark


  1. If you have too many of these, may I have your iPad?

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