July 17, 2010 (Day 168) — Gremlin

Every once in a while, amidst all this class and whatnot, I like to throw in a drink that hearkens back to my hometowns somewhat notorious founding. For those of you not in the now, Dodge City was once called the Wickedest Little City in the West. And we lived up to that name through flying colors. Routine gunfights, prostitutes, murder, corruption. And that was just this past week! Just kidding.

It was the week before last. (Again, I’m kidding. I have a lot of affection for my town. I just wonder why people always act surprised when our crime rate shoots up. After all, it is our legacy when you really think about it). Anyway, I’m not here to cast aspersions upon my hometown, I really do love it, and it’s a great place to live.

Back to what I was talking about — the Wild West routes. As a friend of mine commented recently during our discussions to open a piano bar downtown “I think it’s a great idea. But, Dodge is a shot, whiskey and beer kind of town.” And that it is. While there has been a recent surge in the arts, the nightlife still skews to the “get shitfaced and get in a fight” demographic. So, on the rare occasion, it’s fun to break rank with my “high class” comrades and drink something (tasty of course) that puts you on a mission.

That's a whole lotta mustache!

The Gremlin fills that niche quite nicely. And the presentation is pretty awesome, when you really think about it.

6 oz Canadian whiskey

3 oz lime cordial

Mason jar filled to the top with ice.

Pour your whiskey and lime cordial into the mason jar, and stir until well mixed. With a fork, if you’ve got it. Sip that bastard. Proceed to start a fistfight.

Okay, maybe you don’t want to start a fistfight, but I can assure you that the feeling of drinking whiskey out of a mason jar is HARDCORE town drunk behavior. You almost want to saunter out your front door and mosey down the street. Until the next door neighbors call the cops because you’re challenging the lawn mower to a gun fight. That is to say, this is one powerful drink.

But INCREDIBLY tasty. I mean, if you have a smooth whiskey in there, the lime cordial takes off some of the bite, and you’re left with a powerful kicker of a cocktail that’s very easy to take down fast. So, be wary of it. Much like Mysterious Dave Mather (another Dodge City legend), you never really know what it’s going to do.

Cheers, y’all!

— Mark


  1. Sweet. Speaking of whiskey in a mason jar: I was at the liquor store yesterday and found unaged corn whiskey in a mason jar. Stuff looked killer.

  2. if you want killer whiskey i have some that was home made! it’ll clean your nose out for a week with just a sniff!


  1. […] my personal favorites, Pendelton, has a very sweet, almost vanilla flavor that makes for some great cocktails. Underrated, but not unheard […]

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