TATRATEA Week – Day Four: Bohemian Tea Liqueur

DISCLOSURE: It is Cocktails, 365′s policy that it always disclose when we receive samples of liquor to review for the Website. As we tell those who offer samples: we will accept the liquor for review, but that does not guarantee a positive review. Listed below are the opinions of Cocktails, 365 and no one else. And always, thanks […]

ORIGINAL — Boxing Day

December 23, 2010 (Day 327) — Boxing Day I love Canadians. Their shows. Their accents. The fact that they allow gay marriage. They’re just all around my kind of people. The way they say “Eh” is pretty great too, eh? Their whiskey isn’t half bad either. Now, I know I risk distancing myself rom the […]

Dog Sled

December 13, 2010 (Day 317) — Dog Sled Holy windy winter, Batman! It’s finally starting to feel like winter around southwest Kansas. Let’s get the dogs saddled up and break out the dog sled! Dog Sled 2 oz  Canadian Whisky 1.5 oz. orange juice 1 tsp. grenadine 1 tbsp. lemon juice Fill a cocktail shaker […]

Hard Whiskey

October 7, 2010 (Day 250) — Hard Whiskey After a lot of hard work and late nights, the local production of “Nobody’s Perfect” by Simon Williams is almost ready to premier. My wife, who happens to be amazing and have the female lead, has been hunkering down lately and putting her game face on for […]

The Muskoka

July 24, 2010 (Day 175) — The Muskoka From Wikipedia: The District Municipality of Muskoka, more generally referred to as the District of Muskoka, or simply Muskoka, is a Regional Municipality located in Central Ontario, Canada. Muskoka extends from Georgian Bay in the west, to the northern tip of Lake Couchiching in the south, to […]

The Drunken Lout’s Guide to Whiskey

July 18, 2010 (BONUS POST) — The Drunken Lout’s Guide to Whiskey The very basic definition of whiskey — an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented grain mash. Simple enough, right? Yeah. Right. But before you go slurring your words and taking some drunken swings at the deceptively complex areas of whiskey, remember this — they’re […]


July 17, 2010 (Day 168) — Gremlin Every once in a while, amidst all this class and whatnot, I like to throw in a drink that hearkens back to my hometowns somewhat notorious founding. For those of you not in the now, Dodge City was once called the Wickedest Little City in the West. And […]

Duck Fart

March 9, 2010 (Day 38) — Duck Fart So, one of  the cool things about my job is that I get to travel all around the Midwest. And while I can’t say I’m happy to leave my wife and stepson behind, it’s great meeting the people who work for my company. And, I get to […]