Featured Best Buy Booze: 360 Madagascar Vanilla Vodka

September 12, 2011 — 360 Madagascar Vanilla Vodka

Oh, 360 vodka. We meet again. Last year, we sat down and did a tasting of all the 360 flavored vodkas around the time they were first released.

Check out the review here.

It was a mixed experience to say the least. Some were quite good (the Madagascar Vanilla and the Double Chocolate) while some were straight up awful (Hello, 360 Cola Vodka). One of their big selling points is that they’re organic, which truthfully, to me, means absolutely nothing. I have no problem with organic, it just doesn’t influence my buying decisions. Our main concern is the quality and taste of the liquor. So we’re going with one of the several flavors we liked — the Madagascar Vanilla.


Clean, crisp, without a strong grain smell afterwards. Strong vanilla scent right up front.


Strong, distinct vanilla flavor. There isn’t too much of a harsh burn on it.

On the Rocks:

Mellowed. The vanilla flavor comes much more in to play after it’s cooled down.


— Mark

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