ORIGINAL — High Noon

September 3, 2010 (Day 216) — High Noon

So a couple days ago I mentioned that I infused some black pepper vodka to experiment with. The experiment was a success, if not incredibly powerful. However, now that we’ve been successful in infusing a savory vodka and making a sweet cocktail, it’s time to head the other direction. Let’s see what we can come up with for a savory cocktail.

So, after unloading a bed, Jenn and I found ourselves standing in the bar room, staring at the selection of boozes and liqueurs trying to decide what to make. My eyes flitted across the Bison Grass Vodka, but I quickly dismissed it as much to powerful for the already Hulk-like pepper vodka. Jenn wasn’t going to have any of that, however. Not 20 seconds after I mentally dismissed the combination she said we should make a pepper vodka and Bison Grass cocktail.

My eyes widened. Then narrowed. Then widened. Then narrowed. After taking away the flashlight the dog was chewing on, I raised my eyebrows in my wife’s general direction. I’ve used Bison Grass in the past, and while it’s very good, it’s very intense, with a grass-like flavor and spiciness on the end. The pepper vodka is about as subtle as Glenn Beck (topic humor!), so I thought it would just one hell of an overpowering drink.

That was exactly her point. Temper it with some tonic water, she suggested. So we did. It was delicious. But powerful. Then she had a stroke of genius. Let’s put another little bit of something, perhaps Lillet. It was powerful, it would put hair on your chest while singing your eyebrows off. It’s

High Noon

1.5 oz black pepper vodka

1.5 oz Bison Grass vodka

1.5 oz Lillet Blanc

4.5 oz tonic water

Pour your vodkas and Lillet into a chilled mason jar filled with ice, then top with your tonic. Stir together. Drink like you’re getting ready for a fistfight with one-armed Jimmy Calhoon.

It’s very, very powerful. However, that sweet grassy flavor of the Bison Grass is still there, followed up the heavy kick of the black pepper vodka. The Lillet ads just a little bit of sweetness and the tonic brightens it all up a little bit. Honestly, it reminds me of the Chappele’s Show bit about Samuel Jackson Beer. Watch it and you’ll know why.

Even Jenn liked this one!


— Mark

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