Sunshine Smooth

March 25, 2010 (Day 54) — Banana Banshee

It’s officially spring. And today, it actually feels like a spring day. Not too long ago, I managed to swipe some creme de banana from my parents (and by swipe, I mean I asked if I could take the bottle that’d been sitting in their cabinet for a good half decade).

Now, I’m naturally wary of things such as creme de banana. I mean… there’s not much to me that really jumps off the page and screams “DRINK ME!” Which is odd, when you consider that I love banana Runts. And banana Laffy Taffy. And banana bread. But, I digress.

So, I chose a recipe at random for my first foray into banana-based cocktails. In this case, random was picking the first one I found. The Banana Banshee.

2 oz creme de banana

2 oz creme de cacoa

2 oz heavy cream

Pour into a fun party glass, stir and drink. Garnish that bitch with an umbrella if you want to. Don’t worry. I won’t tell.

A drink and a dawg

Very sweet. Very banana-y. Banana-eque? Banana-ish.

A great summer drink. Even Jenn liked it!


— Mark


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  2. […] I really am going out on a limb with tonight’s drink. Now, when I made the Banana Banshee, I was wary then. But, then again, when all you do is mix two liqueurs that go well together — […]

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