Laphroaig 10 Year Part One: Taste Test

There are those who claim that the mere act of mixing a cocktail is an affront to the liquor that’s being used to mix.

Doubly so for single malt scotches. However, we like say “screw tradition” and there are some great single malts out there that make excellent bases.

We’ve proven in the past that a solid single malt can create a truly magical cocktail.

We’re taking to that well once more to address one of the smokiest scotches on the market – the Laphroaig 10 year.

Now, a brief history on scotch – there’s several different areas of Scotland that scotch comes from. Islay tends to be the smokiest. And among the Islays, Laphroaig and Ardberg are the smokiest.


That is truly the quick and dirty history. For more a more in-depth look at whiskies, take a look at our Drunken Lout’s Guide.

Now, more to specifics. Laphroaig can trace its lineage back about 200 years. It’s located in the Islay region of Scotland, and offers up several different iterations of their famous smoky bottle.

Laphroaig 10 Year

Price: $52

Nose: Strong, powerful smoke right up front. Crisp woody scent on the end. Bits of seaweed.

Neat: Almost like drinking liquid smoke. There is a strong, STRONG smoked wood flavor right up front. It finishes with a lighter taste that lingers on your tongue. You can almost taste the salty sea air. Some rubbery tastes.

Rocks: Mellows some of that in-your-face smoke, but still has that strong peaty flavor. Rubber taste a bit more pronounced, still taste that salty sea air.


Be aware that this is a strong, STRONG smoky flavor. This is NOT a good introductory scotch. It’s one for the experienced scotch drinker in your life. So that means it’s going to take a steady, deft hand to create some excellent cocktails out of this powerful little bastard.

We think we’re up for it.

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