The Botanist Dry Islay Dry Gin Part One: The Taste Test

So, we were legitimately fascinated when we first came across information about The Botanist. You see, it was using terminology that we have more often come to associate with scotches more than gins. Which stands to reason, actually, at The Botanist comes from the Bruichladdich distillery along the Rhinns in Islay. Scotch is their bread and butter. In fact, their scotch […]

Campari Part Three: The Verdict

So, we here at Cocktails, 365 are often wary of recommending expensive liqueurs. They don’t often take center stage of the cocktail, and you can get away with some really solid liqueurs that aren’t too ridicolous. As such, you know you can always rely on us for our recommendation on the higher-end liqueurs and bitters. We say, […]

Campari Part Two: Campari Collins

With it’s dark red color and sweet, citrus, bitterness Campari does turn out to be one of the best options heading into the fall months. You can straddle that delicate line between a cocktail that is too heavy for the hot temperatures but too light for the chill winds that sweep in from the north. […]

Laphroaig 10 Year Part One: Taste Test

There are those who claim that the mere act of mixing a cocktail is an affront to the liquor that’s being used to mix. Doubly so for single malt scotches. However, we like say “screw tradition” and there are some great single malts out there that make excellent bases. We’ve proven in the past that […]

Hendrick’s Gin Part Two: French Gimlet

For today’s cocktail, we’re going to dig back into our archives to revisit one of our favorite fancy summer drinks. About two years ago, we talked about the French Gimlet, a play on the traditional Gimlet that was starting to find its way back into popularity after being relegated to the dusty back shelves of […]

Hendrick’s Gin Part Two: Traditional Martini

The true history of the Martini is shrouded in mystery, which truthfully only seems fitting. After all, isn’t it the mystery of it all that draws the thoughts back towards the quality of the creation as opposed to the origin? After all, no one is entirely sure when and where the wheel was invented. We can just […]

Godiva Vodkas Part Two: Thin Mintini

Mmmmmmmmmm thin mints. Those delicious, devilish Girl Scout concoctions. It only makes since to booze-a-fi it. 2 oz Godiva Chocolate Vodka .5 oz white creme de menthe 1 dash vanilla extract Combine the ingredients in a chilled cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and then strain into a frozen martini glass.

Godiva Vodkas Part One: The Test Test

We’re going to take you on a double-whammy ride over the next two weeks. Rather than offering up one separate liquor review, we’re going to take a look at Godiva’s two newest boozy-iterations – their infused vodkas. Now, Godiva (at least in the cocktail world) is known for their rather excellent range of liqueurs. They […]

Russian Standard Gold Part Two: Golden Russian

This cocktail seems to be oddly fitting, at least when you compare the name of the cocktail with the name of the vodka we’re using for its base. Golden Russian 1.5 Russian Standard Gold Vodka 1 oz Galliano 1/2 tsp fresh lime juice Combine ingredients over ice in a rocks glass. Stir gently.

Conjure Cognac Part Three: The Verdict

So, two weeks with the Conjure Cognac. How are we feeling about it? Overall, we like it. There are some caveats that we offer up, however. If you are an experienced cognac drinker this isn’t for you. It has a lighter, brighter flavor than some of the other cognacs that we’ve sampled in the past. […]