Birds Are Tropical, Right?

April 12, 2010 (Day 72) — Banana Bird

Okay, I really am going out on a limb with tonight’s drink. Now, when I made the Banana Banshee, I was wary then. But, then again, when all you do is mix two liqueurs that go well together — chocolate and banana — you really don’t have too much to worry about. Honestly, in that case my worry was mainly the cream. I was afraid it was going to make the drink offensively sweet. It was sweet, but not to the point I couldn’t drink it.

This, however is an odd one.

The Banana Bird:

1 oz bourbon

2 tsp creme de bananes

2 tsp triple sec

1 oz heavy cream

So, why would I try this on a warm day like today? Well, the Banshee seemed kind of counter intuitive and I enjoyed that. So, why not give this one a chance? Maybe it’ll make a refreshing drink! I’m opened minded enough.

Unfortunately, the Banana Grabber character has already been snapped up. Damn Bluth Company...

But, then again, my wariness of fruit and bourbon is well known. But enough!

On to the cocktail! I’m really hoping it’s refreshing, considering how flippin’ warm it is out this evening.


But, before we move onto to the taste of the drink, let’s do something about the presentation. Theoretically, this is supposed to be served in a rocks glass.  But look at that. It looks more Banana Bird poo, than cocktail. But this is a summery drink! Something that’s meant to be imbibed while sitting by the pool.

To the cheap, plastic party glasses!

That's more like it!

Stick an umbrella in that beast, and now you’ve got a tropical drink!

But, how does it taste?

I’m always pleased when something surprises me. And this drink did. I was really expecting something truly nasty — almost along the lines of The Cricket, truth be told. But it’s not! It’s actually exceptionally adequate!

While this certainly doesn’t rank up there with my favorite cocktails, or even favorite fruity foofy poolside cocktails, it’s quite good. The sweetness of the bourbon isn’t as odd with the cream as I thought it might be. And there’s not much creme de banane or triple sec in there, so they’re not competing with the woody flavor of the bourbon. It actually compliments it quite well.

For some bizarre reason, my first thought was “Egg Nog for summer.” A couple sips in, it takes on its own unique flavor. But still. In the back of my mind.

“Egg Nog for summer.”

Will I make it again? Probably not. But this would be great as a crowd pleaser at your next pool party. And if the weather stays this warm, that could be sooner rather than later!


— Mark


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