Banana Russian

September 4, 2011 (Day 159) — Banana Russian White Russians — the preferred cocktail of the Dude. Black Russians — the same kind of drink, sans the cream. Banana Russian — tonight’s drink. Banana Russian 1.5 oz Absolut Vanilia Vodka .5 oz creme de banana Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with crushed […]

Yellow Submarine

April 4, 2011 (Day 8 ) — Yellow Submarine We all live in the Yellow Submarine. We all live in the Yellow Submarine. We all live in the Yellow Submarine. The Yellow Submarine. The Yellow Submarine. This week we’ll be focusing on Boru Vodka as the budget liquor of the week! I mentioned Boru quite […]

Banana Bird

September 22, 2010 (Day 235) — Banana Bird “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus Farewell summer. You were hot and windy, and ungodly wet. We’ve learned some, killed some brain cells and had a great time. But, alas today is the last […]

Birds Are Tropical, Right?

April 12, 2010 (Day 72) — Banana Bird Okay, I really am going out on a limb with tonight’s drink. Now, when I made the Banana Banshee, I was wary then. But, then again, when all you do is mix two liqueurs that go well together — chocolate and banana — you really don’t have […]