Russian Standard Gold Part One: The Taste Test

Here we are again with another ultra-premium base spirit. And while we’re not sure if we’ve just been listening to Watch the Throne too much lately (it has been on repeat in the test bar essentially since it came out), but the next two week’s came in a package that would make Kanye and the Jigga Man proud.

That’s a whoooooole lotta gold

You’re looking at a suggested retail of  $45 for the Russian Standard Gold in it’s most common occurrence: the 750 ml.

So it definitely falls well within the premium range/top-shelf booze area that we’re looking this year. How does it hold up in the basic taste test run throughs?


Clean and crisp with some peppery notes. Unlike other vodkas we’ve sampled, including other Russian vodka Ruskova.


Very smooth with a clean finish. The peppery scents are there in the neat draw, but finishes clean.

On the Rocks:

Crisp, without even too much of a alcoholic burn afterwards.Peppery aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and then goes.

As a neat vodka, it’s got some character which is more than you can say for the watery shit you get in some other brands. Vodka is often pilloried by those who aren’t big fans as simply a waste. A “blank slate” of a base spirit. However, there are some vodkas that keep that clean flavor while adding complexity. It appears that Russian Standard Gold will do just that.

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