Oddka – The Other Flavors

DISCLOSUREIt is Cocktails, 365′s policy that it always disclose when we receive samples of liquor to review for the Website. As we tell those who offer samples: we will accept the liquor for review, but that does not guarantee a positive review. Listed below are the opinions of Cocktails, 365 and no one else. And always, thanks and drink up!

We’ve been mixing up with Oddka Wasabi this week, but as we mentioned there’s a bunch of other flavors in the Oddka lineup. While not mixing with these, we thought you might like a look at what they have to offer.

Oddka Original Vodka

Nose: Clean and crisp. Hint of marshmallow and grain.

Neat: Smooth on the front with a bit of burn on the back. Slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.

On the Rocks: Softens some of the bite. Much more pleasant on the rocks with some water to temper the bite.

Verdict: Not a vodka that would be very good for sipping neat, or even by itself on the rocks, but it mixes well, and at roughly $18 it’s a great value.

Oddka Electricity Vodka

Nose: Sweet berry scents. Smells like easter candies or jelly beans.

Neat: Very sweet and sugary up front followed by a powerful berry flavor. There’s bit a of tartness. Makes me think of Sweet Tarts.

On the Rocks: Still very sweet, but you lose the tartness.

Verdict: Not our cup of tea. Too much berry. Too sweet.

Oddka Salty Caramel Popcorn Vodka

Nose: Strong caramel scent. Hint of salt. Smells more like pretzels.

Neat: No burn, surprisingly. Subtler flavor than expected. Not nearly as overpowering as the wasabi or electricity flavors.

On the Rocks: Popcorn flavor more noticeable. Actually rather pleasant.

Verdict: Tastes like vodka with a caramel salt syrup in it. That is to say – not too bad, really.

Oddka Freshly Cut Grass Vodka

Nose: Smells like celery. Clean and crisp, but not really much of a “grass” scent.

Neat: Went in expecting something like Żubrówka, but it’s much more vegetal than what you associate with the flavor of “grass.”  Tastes more like sugar snap peas rather than grass. No unpleasant burn, and a nice bit of sweetness.

On the Rocks: Sweetness becomes stronger. Adds some depth and spice to the flavor. Still reminds me much more of sugar snap peas as opposed to grass.

Verdict: Not a bad taste, but definitely not something we’d want to mix as the main ingredients. I’m thinking more as a liqueur than as a base spirit.

Oddka Apple Pie Vodka

Nose: Apple and cinnamon right up front, with a little bit of a bite. Smells like fresh apple cobbler.

Neat: Nice and sweet, but not overtly saccharine. Apple right up front, followed by the cinnamon and a bit of sugary sweetness. Similar to Travis Hasse’s Applie Pie Liqueur, but not as sweet.

On the Rocks: Sweeter. Apple more pronounced and you lose some of the cinnamon.

Verdict: Truthfully, this may be our favorite out of all, including the wasabi. It’s not overly sweet and it has a nice flavor. Much like other flavored vodkas, I’d probably use it more to enhance the flavor than as the base spirit.

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