BONUS — Spring Walker

BONUS — Spring Walker

I’m staring straight at a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label. It was a gift after we wrapped up The Woman in Black at the Depot Theater. And by gift, I mean no one else wanted it, so I was more than happy to adopt it for myself. As I’ve mentioned Twitter before, before you’re too quick to dismiss blended scotch, they do make killer drinks.

So, here’s a quick little shot (pun intended) to get your through until Happy Hour this Friday.

Spring Walker

2 oz Johnnie Walker Red Label

3 dashes Angostura bitters

4 dashes peach bitters

Combine ingredients in a rocks glass filled with chipped ice and serve.

Very smooth and tasty. The smoke of the Walker is in the back, but the two different kinds of bitters bring out a fruity, woody flavor. Almost a bit too smooth, really.


— Mark

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