Amaretto Stone Sour

September 19, 2010 (Day 232) — Amaretto Stone Sour

As one might recall, my last attempt at an Amaretto Sour wasn’t exactly big a favorite of ours. I felt like the drink was off-kilter, and didn’t strike the perfect balance between sweet and sour. I was assured over and over by some fellow cocktaileers that I simply hadn’t opened my mind wide enough.

In the end, I stood strong in my conviction: the Amaretto Sour wasn’t for me. But, I’m always willing to revisit drinks. Or at least revisit their cousins. While searching for a good breakfast drink I stumbled across the Amaretto Stone Sour. Essentially an Amaretto Sour, but with one key extra ingredient.

Orange juice.

I was intrigued to see if the changing of one ingredients could really alter the flavor so drastically. (Obviously, I know that one ingredient can make or break a drink, but sometimes the change is more pronounced than others.)

Sunday’s a day for experimenting. Let’s do this thing.

Amaretto Stone Sour

1.5 oz amaretto

1.5 oz sweet and sour mix

1.5 oz orange juice

Build your drink in a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir, then serve with swizzle stick garnishment.

Very bright and smooth with a sour punch on the end. What a difference a juice makes. I ended up drinking one down while still making brunch, then another during. Even Jenn, who famously protested the Amaretto Sour, enjoyed this one.

It’s simply more balanced. It really is amazing how one ingredient can really make or break a cocktail (proportions, too).


— Mark

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