Mojito Mule

As the weather turns warmer it’s about time to be thinking of drinks with a more tropical and summer slant.


We’re continuing to mix with the Brugal rum this week, which is a unique little piece of Dominican goodness – an extra dry white rum that hits all the right notes of rum, but takes on an almost whiskey like quality. Today’s cocktail is simple; a play off the classic Dark n’ Stormy traditionally made […]

Christmas in the Isles

December 21, 2011 (Day 267) — Christmas in the Isles So, it looks like we may actually be having a white Christmas for the first time in several years. This is pretty awesome, as it’s sometimes hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 60 degrees out and sunny. But, the winds ands snow […]


September 7, 2011 (Day 162) — Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz. Awww yeaaaahhhhhh… Hot Fuzz 2 oz Burnett’s Whipped Cream Vodka 1.5 oz white rum (Bacardi) Dash of cinnamon schnapps Red hot candies Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice and shake well (at least 20 seconds). Strain into a chilled […]

ORIGINAL — Bitterroot

August 28, 2011 (Day 152) — Bitterroot What is a bitterroot? From Wikipedia: Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva Pursh) is a small, low plant with a pink to white flower. It is the state flower of Montana, United States. The plant is a low-growing perennial plant with a fleshy taproot and a simple or branched base. The flower stems are leafless, 1–3 cm tall, bearing at the […]

Yellow Submarine

April 4, 2011 (Day 8 ) — Yellow Submarine We all live in the Yellow Submarine. We all live in the Yellow Submarine. We all live in the Yellow Submarine. The Yellow Submarine. The Yellow Submarine. This week we’ll be focusing on Boru Vodka as the budget liquor of the week! I mentioned Boru quite […]

Mai Tai

October 1, 2010 (Day 244) — Mai Tai Today is the first of October, and I spent this brisk fall evening at a high school football game. Conversely, I’m also working on cleaning up the house so we can bust out the Halloween decorations this weekend. So, as one last farewell to summer, let’s make […]


September 21, 2010 (Day 234) — Scorpion It’s Tuesday, everyone. We’re firmly into the work week. It’s okay though, don’t fret. With good friends, good music, and good drinks we can make it through this work week together. So, put on some Coltrane, have yourself a seat while I pour you a Scorpion. Scorpion Juice […]

Ring of Fire

August 2, 2010 (Day 184) — Ring of Fire “I fell into a burning ring of fire/I went down, down, down/And the flames went higher/And it burns, burns, burns/The ring of fire.” — Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire” It’s 105 outside my window right now. It’s a brutal, heavy, hateful heat. Dry, withering, ball-shirvelingly hot. […]