Old Pal

April 3, 2011 (Day 7) — Old Pal Everyone’s got one. That guy who always comes around just to hang out. No, not Jerry. That guy is kind of a douche. Nope, we’re talking about the good kind of guy. You know. An old pal. Old Pal 1 oz rye whiskey 3/4 oz dry vermouth […]


April 1, 2011 (Day 5) — Saratoga Happy Friday, everyone! We’re nearing the end of the first week of Year 2 of Cocktails, 365. Tonight’s drink is just a little bit sweet and a little bit savory. It’s also a little bit short. Unlike the Battle of Saratoga. Saratoga • 1 oz brandy • 1 […]

Ink Street

March 31, 2011 (Day 4) — Ink Street I’m back on Ink Street. As I’m buckling down and working on some new projects at work, I’m also buckling down and working on getting some book proposals out the door. Once again, my fingertips are stained with ink. The life of a writer. Even dusted off […]


March 30, 2011 (Day 3) — Imagination Immmmmaaaggggiiiinnnaaaatioooooon. Imagination is what makes (something inspiring) and leads people to (witty observation) and creates (another inspirational thing). Imagination 3 oz Rittenhouse rye whiskey 8 oz ginger ale 1 tsp lime juice Pour the whiskey into a highball glass and then fill with ice. Top with ginger ale […]

Tuna on Rye

March 29, 2011 (Day 2) — Tuna on Rye Rye cocktails. Pure class. This evening’s cocktail features a cocktail with strange name, but a delicious taste. Those are always the kinds of drinks that I like. Deceptively deceptive. Aaaaaaahhhhh, yeah. Tuna on Rye • 1 1/2 oz rye whiskey • 1 oz sweet vermouth • […]