Thanksgiving Cocktail – Firebrand

Here’s a quick and simple cocktail for your Thanksgiving gatherings. 5 oz Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur 2 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Combine the liquors in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake at least 30 seconds, or until you get a pleasant foam on the top. Strain into a chilled martini glass and […]

Cranberry Salad

November 24, 2011 (Day 240) — Cranberry Salad Okay, so Thanksgiving posts are usually taken to talk about the things I’m thankful for and truthfully have no right to have. I have an amazing, intelligent, clever, attractive wife. My kid is on the honor roll and president of the local middle school. I have an […]

Winter Slumber

January 23, 2011 (Day 358) — Winter Slumber Last night we were trying to stay awake to finish up a paint job. Tonight seems like the perfect time to warm up with a delicious cocktail and maybe do a little bit of relaxing around the house. This is a cocktail I’ve been sitting on for […]

Food Thanks (a special extra post)

I’m standing out in the middle of a field in northern Nebraska, my hands shoved into my pockets. The gloves I brought with me aren’t serving their purpose. Not really, anyway. Meanwhile, the grower I’m talking to is acing like it’s a tropical beach: sleeves rolled up, mopping his brow with the back of his […]

Pumpkin Patch

November 25, 2010 (Day 299) — Pumpkin Patch Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s hoping that you’re spending a wonderful day with those that you love! I don’t imagine you’ll be hanging around my Website on Thanksgiving (unless, you know, you’re in another country), so we’ll make this is a nice little ditty for you to make […]

Stone Fence

November 22, 2010 (Day 296) — Stone Fence Sometimes, simplicity is key. That’s the theory behind the Stone Fence. Bourbon and cider. Good. Solid. American. Stone Fence 2 oz bourbon Apple cider Fill a rocks glass with ice, then top with your bourbon and cider. Stir well and serve. Tasty and simple! Cheers! — Mark