Pear and Tonic

There’s beauty in simplicity. There’s a desire, which we’re not immune to, that seems to dedicate the love of everything complex. If you can create a cocktail with some many flavors working in harmony together, surely it stands as proof that you’re brilliant. Even Einstein (reportedly) said that if a cluttered desk was the sign […]

Three Cocktails for World Gin Day

The phrase “better letter than never” seems to truly define the Cocktails, 365 experience. We have these grand plans of involvement in major events in the cocktail movements of the day and then we promptly get involved with enjoying the event and not writing about it. Specifically, today, we’re talking about World Gin Day.

Grand Herbologist

Late spring and summer means that fresh herbs are creeping back into our daily cocktails. When picking herbs for your cocktail of choice, don’t limit yourself to the standards, however. Sure, you can pick up some sweet basil and make one damn fine basil-gin concoction. In fact, the gin-bail smash using “standard” gin is STILL this […]

Cocktails, 365 announces first-ever ‘Top Shelf Picks’ Award Winners

Cocktails, 365 – one of the Internets’ most popular “Regular Joe” cocktail blogs – is thrilled to announce the first-ever Top Shelf Picks. These have earned a permanent spot in the Cocktails, 365 test bar; and a guaranteed lifetime spot on the website. Bourbon – Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey. Beautifully spicy and expertly crafted. This is […]

Hendrick’s Gin Part Two: Meadow Mule

So, the other day’s cocktail featured St. Germain rather prominently. We’re continuing to use this versatile liqueur with today’s drink as well. Much like the Orange Burst, this cocktail comes from the mad geniuses at Hendrick’s. 1.5 oz Hendrick’s Gin .5 oz St. Germain 1 oz apple juice ginger ale tall cucumber slice Build the […]

Hendrick’s Gin Part Two: French Gimlet

For today’s cocktail, we’re going to dig back into our archives to revisit one of our favorite fancy summer drinks. About two years ago, we talked about the French Gimlet, a play on the traditional Gimlet that was starting to find its way back into popularity after being relegated to the dusty back shelves of […]


December 26, 2011 (Day 272) — Snowflake This week we’re talking about the pastel-riffic liquor known as Hpnotiq. We’re still coming down from that post-Christmas high. Also known as Boxing Day. So you’re still catching up with family and friends, this is a great ice breaker that will be nice to sip over a nice […]

Neo Fashioned

October 22, 2011 (Day 207) — Neo Fashioned The Old Fashioned embodies how simple mixology can be some of the most complex and yield some of the best tasting cocktails out there. However, the cocktail does also show how there are many people out there who simply just don’t like strong, powerful drinks. Or rather, […]

Traditional Elderfashion

October 1, 2011 (Day 186) — Traditional Elderfashion St. Germain is probably one of the best liqueurs currently available. Truthfully, it’s one of the few expensive liqueurs on the market that I don’t even hestitate to recommend purchasing. It truly is worth the $40+ price tag. It will feature prominently in tonight’s drink. So, while […]

French Riviera

July 16, 2010 (Day 167) — French Riviera Word to those in the know: When it tops 100-degree weather, asphalt parking lots get soft. Heavy motorcycles don’t stand up too well. They can — and will — fall over. And while the bike may start up just fine, it’s entirely possible that the battery can […]