John’s Gremlin

November 19, 2010 (Day 293) — John’s Gremlin It’s Friday everyone! That means you’re long workweek, making the world a better place for friends, family and strangers is wrapping up. Or, if you’re some of my friends with non-standard schedules, you’re just getting ready to start your work week and kick copious amounts of ass! […]

7th Sin

October 31, 2010 (Day 274) — 7th Sin Happy Halloween! Okay, so you’re about to have a Halloween party. Or you’re already at one. You desperately need a themed cocktail. Way to wait until the last minute, jackass. But that’s okay. The Cocktails, 365 team is here to help you out! Here’s something that looks […]

ORIGINAL — Decoction

October 13, 2010 (Day 256) — Decoction Decoction — Noun 1. the act of decocting. 2. Pharmacology  a. an extract obtained by decocting. b. water in which a crude vegetable drug has been boiled and which therefore contains the constituents or principles of the substance soluble in boiling water. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I decided […]