August 18. 2011 (Day 143) — Rumination To really think about something, you really need to ruminate on it. Rumination 2 oz chilled espresso 2 oz 03 Orange Liqueur 2 oz RumChata Combine the ingredients in a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Beautifully constructed. Heavy, but bright at the same time. Cheers! — Mark

French Cream

August 13, 2011 (Day 138) — French Cream We had our Kentucky Cream the other night. Now it’s time for the French to have their turn with some cognac. French Cream 1 oz RumChata 2 oz cognac Combine the ingredients in a cognac glass with three cubes of ice. Stir gently and serve. As one […]

Friday Night Lights

August 12, 2011 (Day 137) — Friday Night Lights Here’s a little pick-me-up for your Friday night, courtesy of RumChata and our friend the coffee maker. Friday Night Lights 3 oz strong espresso coffee 2 oz RumChata 1 oz Grand Monarch Orange Liqueur Combine the ingredients in an Irish coffee mug and stir well. Serve […]


August 11, 2011 (Day 136) — Snickerdoodle Yup, you got it. Another cocktail named after a cookie. And hide yo kids and hide yo wife, because this drink is hella sweet. That’s right. It’s Snickerdoodle time, bitches. Snickerdoodle 2 oz RumChata 2 oz cake vodka Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice. […]


August 10, 2011 (Day 135) — Orxata Orxata is another pronunciation of horchata. In fact, it’s the root word. Linguistics are fun! Orxata 2 oz RumChata 1 oz creme de cacao .5 oz bourbon Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake for at least 30 seconds, strain into a chilled cocktail glas. Garnish with a dash of […]

ORIGINAL — Macaroon

August 9, 2011 (Day 134) — Macaroon We’re getting a bit more complicated tonight. Still playing it safe with the flavors, but throwing a curve ball on the preparation. A macaroon is a meringue-like cookie that has a strong almond flavor and is often made from shaved coconut. Now, the coconut isn’t always necessary, but […]

Kentucky Cream

August 8, 2011 (Day 133) — Kentucky Cream Just a heads up that most (okay, all) of this week’s cocktails are going to slant to the dessert side. There’s not too much else you can do with a rum-based horchata liqueur. At least, there wasn’t until we got our hands on it. Wait until the […]