ORIGINAL — Aussie Royale

November 29, 2011 (Day 245) — Aussie Royale We’re in the throes of planning for the first-ever ice hockey tournament here in Dodge City. That means that, much like our usual Sunday posts, we’re going to make it a quick one tonight. Aussie Royale 2 oz Pimm’s Yellow Tail Moscato to top Combine the two […]

London Lampoon

January 5, 2010 (Day 340) — London Lampoon So, I’m back up in Kearney, Neb. this week for a full-staff meeting for work. This is good news for me, because I’m nearby Venue, which I reviewed in an earlier post. Their food is excellent, and their bartender is willing to stretch herself and create tasty […]

Pimm’s Cider

August 29, 2010 (Day 211) — Pimm’s Cider We’ve done a lot on Crispin Cider lately. But how about their sister brand, Fox Barrel? Fox Barrel takes a little more round about approach to cider, including the unbelievably excellent Fox Barrel Pear and delightfully odd Black Currant cider. Tonight, we’ll make an interesting original called […]

ORIGINAL — Pimm’s Splash

June 10, 2010 (Day 131) — Pimm’s Splash I’ve got Pimm’s. Want to make a drink with Pimm’s? Let’s make a drink with Pimm’s. An original drink with Pimm’s? Why the hell not. The Pimm’s Splash: 1 oz Pimm’s No.1 2 oz. Bison Grass Vodka .5 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice Ginger ale Combine your Pimm’s, […]

Good Friday (Isn’t it Always)

April 2, 2010 (Day 62) — Pimm’s Cup It’s a beautiful Friday and the weather here has been absolutely goregeous. So, as promised, I’m continuing with the spring/Easter themed drinks (only a few more days)! Tonight, it’ll be the Pimm’s Cup, a classic within Great Britain. According to Diageo — which owns the Pimm’s line […]