Xante 365: Delice A L’orange

Good afternoon folks; glad to be back on the scene with Cocktails, 365. It’s been a long time since we’ve been on this site as a writer, but things have been busy in the DrinkxXx On Me world. Our newest endeavor is that we are working with a liqueur called Xanté. Xanté is a premium […]

Happy National Mai Tai Day!

August 30, 2011 — Happy National Mai Tai Day! Today is August 30. Everyday is a different “National Day” for many different things. Well, in our industry, today is National Mai Tai Day! There are many different ways to cook up a Mai Tai, but before we get into that, lets look at the history […]

The 10 Rules of the Bar

I know that I normally write these on Friday but I had one helluva weekend at the bar. Between that and three private events last week, Mr. Mixx was exhausted! But with all that work, I feel the need to revisit one of my older articles. There is a thing such as bar etiquette and […]

Tales of Tales of the Cocktail

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Josh Davis — better known as Mr. Mixologist. Josh is the president/CEO of DrinkXXX on Me, Inc., a mobile bartending service in the Chicago area. Josh will be offering up a weekly taste of what’s on his mind in the cocktail world every Friday. Please make him feel welcome! Ron Jeremy, […]