November 8, 2011 (Day 224) — Pinky I’m not in as good as shape as I once was. And that kind of makes me sad. As such, I’m aching from coaching youth hockey. This is simple, it’s tasty, and I’m going to curl up in a ball somewhere and weep quietly to myself while drinking […]

Coffin Nails

November 7, 2011 (Day 223) — Coffin Nails Coffin Nails. A colloquial name for cigarettes. Had a rough Monday? Need something to take the edge off? Put down that pack and let this drink add a few more nails into your coffin. Coffin Nails 3 oz Evan Williams Honey Reserve 3 oz bourbon Combine in […]

Juju Bee

May 2, 2011 (Day 35) — Juju Bee If you didn’t catch my review earlier, it’d be good to go back and read that now. Because that’s going to be most of the background information you need for this week’s featured Best Buy Booze. American Honey won out in our taste test. Which means it’s […]